GREEN POWER Lithium Polymer Battery Packs


Montu Electronics LLP registered trade mark (GREEN POWER) is a trusted name among the Lithium Ion Batteries (Li-ion/Polymer Batteries) manufacturer/ Assembler based in Delhi. We manufacture and supply high quality Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries which are prominent for their unbeatable quality and affordable prices.

Features :

 Environment Friendly
 Long lasting performance
 Reliable service life
 Unsurpassed safety
 Light Weight
 High Energy Density
 High Voltage
 No Memory Effect
 Flat Discharge Voltage

Application :

 Hand Held Terminals
 Solar Lantern/ Street Lights
 Data Loggers
 Medical Equipments

Montu Electronics LLP has developed some in-house standard lithium-ion protection circuit & modules.


What our customers say

  • Fast Service

    Thank you so much for getting batteries delivered to us as committed, they arrived by date just like you said. It was very impressive ordering these batteries to Montu Electronics LLP you're the best!


  • Excellent Product

    I have researched on lithium ion batteries for the past year. Our company requires strict standards for quality and service from a supplier. when I came across Montu Electronics LLP I thought the product was to be too good to be true. After a trip to your office in Delhi and meeting your team we were very impressed and want to register your company as our approved supplier.


  • Thanks for all Your Help

    Your customer service is very good, quick replies to my emails and always answer the phone. Our company is driven from our relationships with our suppliers, and we will continue ordering from Montu Electronics LLP.


  • Wonderful Care of Delivery

    Thanks a lot for taking wonderful care of my order, especially the delivery. I was quite surprised by your prompt delivery as my order was delivered within Specified time. Montu Electronics LLP is leading assembler and the prices they offer are hard to match. I got the best deal without any hassle. Loads of luck and best wishes.


  • Efficient Service

    "Thank you Montu Electronics LLP for your prompt and efficient service. Harpreet, you are a pleasure to deal with and the products you provide are of an excellent quality. We look forward to work with you again and recommending you other others."


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Montu Electronics LLP formerly known as Montu Electronics is pioneer in Battery and Battery Charger business in INDIA.

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